Are Soffits Actually Necessary for Your Home?

The term “soffit” comes from the Latin “suffixus”, which means “fixed underneath”. This actually describes this home component perfectly: the soffit is located under the roof overhang. It’s the material between the roof eaves, where the fascia and gutters are placed to the wall. The soffits are not designed to stand out so they are […]

How to Find the Best Metal Roof for Your Home

Every home needs a sturdy and efficient residential roofing system to make the your property safe and comfortable – during the blazing summertime or the cold, frosty season. Metal roofing has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners all over the globe due to its snazzy look and top-notch performance. In this article, we will take a […]

Roof Soffit: What Is It, And Why Is It Important?

The flat underside of your roof is called a soffit. It comes from the Latin word “suffixus” meaning fixed underneath – an appropriate description of where soffit is normally located on your home. Often not discussed enough, the roof soffit plays a vital role in protecting your property.

How to Keep Your Gutters in Good Shape This Winter

In Indianapolis, the winters are short, extremely cold and windy. One of the important tasks to accomplish when getting your home ready for the season is to winterize your gutters. Performing gutter cleaning and maintenance long before the winter begins will keep your gutters in top shape and diminish water-related problems over the winter season. 

How to Find the Best Roofer for Your Needs

Any residential roofing job is a significant investment that requires meticulous planning and preparation to execute perfectly. Granted, you might run into slight bumps here and there due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t skimp on your budget during a roofing project since this could backfire on you if you choose […]