How to Keep Your Gutters in Good Shape This Winter

In Indianapolis, the winters are short, extremely cold and windy. One of the important tasks to accomplish when getting your home ready for the season is to winterize your gutters. Performing gutter cleaning and maintenance long before the winter begins will keep your gutters in top shape and diminish water-related problems over the winter season. 

How to Find the Best Roofer for Your Needs

Any residential roofing job is a significant investment that requires meticulous planning and preparation to execute perfectly. Granted, you might run into slight bumps here and there due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t skimp on your budget during a roofing project since this could backfire on you if you choose […]

3 Common Causes of Roof Sagging

A sagging roof is something that no homeowner should overlook. While it won’t immediately threaten the stability of your roofing system, you’ll need to let your roofing contractor take a look at it to have it repaired so as to prevent further damage from occurring. Today, we talk about the three common causes behind roof […]

How to Inspect Your Roof For Hail Damage

Your roof is an important investment that should be well-protected so that it can continue to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. This is why routine inspections are important to determine whether your roof has been damaged, especially by hail.  Inspect From the Ground Up You can start by looking for damage on the […]

The Average Lifespan of a Commercial Roof

When you own a business, you want the building to look good and last a long time. A building’s roof protects precious documents and your employees. Professionally installed commercial roofing will ensure the success of the building that houses your business, but for how long? The average lifespan of a commercial roof depends on what […]